Innovative, Sustainable Landscape Health Programs


Pepperdine University Soccer Field

Water Conservation Program

Water use restrictions in California are putting the health of landscapes in great jeopardy.  In response to the drought and the need for water use efficiency, EcoFert has developed a cost effective Water Conservation Program (WCP) for landscapes that receive potable water.  The WCP is based on application through fertigation of a specially formulated organic amendment that retains moisture around roots of plant materials.

Saddleback College Football Field

Soil Fertility Program

The innovative Soil Fertility Program (SFP) is the foundation of EcoFert's fertigation based solution to the landscape health challenges for all properties.  EcoFert’s comprehensive “full solution” Program makes sustainable landscape care simple and affordable.  The SFP includes: (1) Site review and analysis; (2) Installation of equipment for fertigation delivery system; (3) Specialized protocol of organic based soil amendments; and (4) Monthly service

Lillie King Park

Reclaimed Water Program

Many agencies have been compelled to use reclaimed water to irrigate landscapes.  Much of the reclaimed water used for irrigation contains high concentrations of dissolved salts that are potentially toxic to plant materials. EcoFert's Reclaimed Water Program (RWP) greatly increases water penetration, flushes salts away from root zones, reduces slodding and crusting, and increases the microbial base in the soil.